Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kate Moss - sexy pictures (pantyhose and stockings)

Has dumb Doherty gone away from Kate Moss's life? It seems so!


Shakira in pantyhose

Shakira's official website announced that "The full album is She Wolf due out in October 2009 from Epic" and it "features a predominantly English track list". The site also announced that a Spanish album will be released in 2010. The first single from the English album is titled "She Wolf". Shakira wrote and produced the track with John Hill, and Sam Endicott (Lead Singer and Songwriter of The Bravery).[52] In June 2009, several music journalists and reviewers got an advance listen of the track. The reviews were extremely positive. On July 14, 2009 "She Wolf" and "Loba" became available to download from iTunes. The video for "She Wolf" Premiered on MTV, July 30 at 8pm. Shakira confirmed that she will embark on a tour in 2010 on the Elvis Duran & The Morning Show on Z100.[Extract from Wikipedia]