Thursday, November 30, 2006

Milla Jovovich - 001/004 - Heavenly legs!

I must admit that the things I love most about Milla Jovovich are... her eyes! :)
It's impossible not to be charmed by her look. Then I look at first photo, and I realize that I like her legs also... :P

Beverly Hills: Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth - 001/004

Well, do you remember Beverly Hills 90210, a serial-tv aired last decade? It was followed by many teen agers, and surely it had been an example of fashion and good-looking-characters... even if they were stereotypes and not so credible. I remember I watched it because I liked Brenda... and I still think that Shannen Doherty was a nice girl ;)
In these photos we can see her in black (first one) and translucid pantyhose. The other girls... guess what? Are Tori Spelling (Donna) and Jenny Garth (Kelly)

Penelope Cruz - 003/008

Second update about Spanish actress Penelope Cruz! :)

First post is here: Penelope Cruz - 001/002

Alicia Silverstone - 001/006 - Fishnet stockings

Alicia Silverstone, American former fashion model and actress (we saw her in Batman & Robin movie). Good legs, good presence.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dannii Minogue - 001/009 - Fishnet a go go!

After Kylie, her sister Dannii Minogue followed her path... singer, actress, host on tv-shows... always with a touch of sexy freshness. Here we can see some of her photoshoots with great fishnet stockings. Good Job, Dannii!

Elizabeth Hurley - 001/007 - Misc pantyhose and stockings

I think that Hugh Grant was one of the most stupid guys in the world (after Peter Doherty, of course: the first place is his, without any doubt :P) when he was caught with a prostitute; why did he betrayed such a beautiful woman like Liz Hurley? I think that this is one of those questions that will be left without answer.

But don't harass ourselves with these stupid questions: let's focus on Liz's legs, that deserve our mention and a special place in Celebs-Stockings ;)

Bridget Moynahan - 001/009 - Sexy fishnet and tan stockings

Now it's the turn of American actress Bridget Moynahan. We saw her in many movies like Lord of War and I, Robot... but, most of all, in tv-series Sex and the City.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Emma Bunton - 001/009 Pantyhose and upskirt

Well, after Geri, it would be a crime not to post some images of blond and cute Emma Bunton! :) And in two photos, she gave us th gift of a splendid upskirt... thanks, Emma! :D