Friday, September 28, 2007

Jessica Alba - 064/092 - The DEFINITIVE photoshoot

This photoshoot of Jessica Alba is in my opinion the best one ever made in the world and in any time.

Maybe I'm a little exaggerate (just a little), but these photos teach what a girl must do to be enormously sexy: just be like Jessica Alba. Oh, yeah :D

Unfortunately these photos are in low/medium quality, and we all are struggling to obtain, in any way, the high quality version. I don't believe we'll obtain all of them, maybe just a few number will go to some magazines or covers... it's a pity and I'm too pessimistic :(

So... if you find them in high resolution, please, please, please, PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance! ;)


Photographer: Cliff Watts
Photos found thanks to Weiman of SuperiorPics Forum (here)

Avril Lavigne - 067/087 - Legs! LEGS!

Avril is fresh, Avril is sexy

I particularly appreciate the last photos of this set of Avril Lavigne: she manages to be sexy but not vulgar, and still mantaining an entertained expression; it isn't easy!