Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year! Calendars 2011 [NSFW]

With this post we end the 2010. As a gift, here you are some sexy & hot pictures of 2011 Calendars you can see around. Enjoy them, and happy new year!

Ancilla Tilia - sexy modern pinup in stockings

Birth Name: Ancilla Tilia
Date Of Birth: July 21, 1985 (Age 25)
Country Of Birth: Netherlands
Birth Place: Rotterdam
Ancilla is a well-known Dutch model who has been a Playmate and on the cover of Dutch Playboy, Bizarre magazine, FHM, Marquis magazine etc. She specializes in fetish photography. She has also been awarded "most sexy vegetarian 2008" by Animals Awake (Dutch PETA) and is well known for her role in their shocking commercial where her striptease ends in a bloodbath. She is also known from many tv-shows in Holland and a columnist for Dutch FHM. This magazine named her 5th most sexy woman of Holland in 2008.