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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Let's talk about some blog-friends of ours :)

Well, our blog is growing day by day, and I've been lucky in finding other interesting blogs that match our common passion. So let's talk about them! You can always find their links on the right bar of menu.

Collants Blog
Very big and daily updated blog about all type of fetish about our beloved collant / pantyhose. In french language, but still very clear in its contents. :)

French blog about pantyhose (collant in french language) in all their aspect. It deserves a visit, trust in me! :)

I think that Japanese people are master in feticism and in pantyhose in particular. Futasela is the right blog if you are looking for Japanese women!

A gambe levate
Italian blog about collants; very interesting if you are looking for Italian celebs and starlets.

Not only pantyhose, but Nylon also! Let's entertain ourselves with this good-looking blog :)

Next update of my Stocking Celebs will be about Kylie Minogue... don't miss it, just wait a little :)

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