Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jennifer Ellison - 001/020 - Fishnets, stockings and tighs!

Jennifer Ellison (born May 30, 1983) is an English actress, glamour model, television personality, dancer and sometime singer. Ellison, who was born in Liverpool, is perhaps best known for playing Emily Shadwick in the television soap opera Brookside.


* Ellison is a fan of Everton Football Club, although she was once the girlfriend of Liverpool player Steven Gerrard.
* The question of whether or not her breasts (size 32DD) are real or as a result of plastic surgery is often the subject of much press speculation. Ellison herself strenuously denies that she ever got implants, giving as evidence the facts that since she grew up on camera (having been a member of the cast of Brookside since she was a pre-teen), and that any sudden increase (as would have been the result of surgery) could easily be detected. In addition, she was formerly a dancer, and when she stopped dancing she subsequently put weight on all over her body, resulting in her now-curvy figure.

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Anonymous said...

looking at jennifer ellison always makes me hard and wet, OH GOD!