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Friday, June 06, 2008

Candice Swanepoel - 011/029 - Great lingerie model

New update of superb lingerie model Candice Swanepoel; I'm a huge fan of her! :D


Anonymous said...

Great pics keep up the good work

Designer Sunglasses said...

I do agree with you, Candice is a great lingerie model and she looks just awesome wearing this collection.

Exotic Lingerie said...

Those are some great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Superb pics of an outrageously hot young woman. Superb quality also.

Anonymous said...

Great posts as usual. Not seen any new ones for a while.
More coloured tights if you can...I need tips!!! Gill xx

The Scotsman said...

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Manuel said...

I'm getting a little nervous now... when will this glorious blog continue to post extraordinary content?

vipvoy said...

nice blog post


Saaqi said...

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