Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NylonCelebs Opened!

Dear users,

during last two years, Stockings-Celebs had both good and bad moments. Its main negative poit has always been the necessity to upload images to many free imagehosts. The downside of this necessity is easy to understand: high risk of deletion of old images. In fact, if you browse back to the earlier posts of Stockings-Celebs Blog, you won't easily find pictures to see.

Uploading all old pictures was a too much time consuming task for me.

So, here the solution: purchasing a site that will guarantee a lot of space and bandwidth. Bear in mind that Stockings-Celebs' archive is more than 4 gb for Celebrities and 4 gb for Japanese Idols in pantyhose (a section that has never started, but sooner or later... :P ).

The site is NylonCelebs.com

The downside of this news is that, in order to maintain high costs of monthly bandwidth, NylonCelebs requires a little membership fee (Premium Users). Before starting to shout out and yell :P, let me clarify these important points:

1) Premium User membership is not monthly or yearly: it will be requested only once forever (for each user, obviously).
2) Premium User membership costs 12$ (USD)

And the most important thing is:

3) Stockings-Celebs Blog WON'T STOP offering updates for free, as it has always been so far.

Here are some screenshots of Premium Users contents:

The decision is up to you, just choose to continue on following Stockings-Celebs for free, or visit NylonCelebs and judge by yourself if it is worth your attention or not.


Yours sincerely,
Guru Josh


dave said...

go to this site instead: http://shesgotlegs2008.blogspot.com/

way better pics, free and gets updated 3x as often as this blog.

Charging for public pics? LAME get a real pichost that doesnt delete old pics.

Cry me a river.

Beautystar said...

Hi Dave,

just different point of views :)

She's Got Legs is a great blog, and I appreciate it a lot.

Real pichosts that doens't delete old pics? Imageshack deleted most of them, Imagevenue deletes randomly, Shareavenue crashed and never recovered. For three times I had to re-upload a lot of pic, and now I haven't so much time to do it for the fourth time.

Then, Blog is used more for news, old post are not so visited as new ones.

At last, let's make some little counts. My blog's archive is 4gb (9500 pics!), I have 2000 visits per day, do you know how much traffic a single server has to sustain if everybody clicks to 10% of pics every day? It's huge bandwith, and charging a little fee for the service (and not for the pics, as they are public) is the maximum I shall do.

Then, it's all up to you. You are not obliged, call me lamer if you want. Internet is full of opportunities, there are many other sites... but maybe, not all with 4 gb of selected images ;)