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Friday, February 06, 2009

Heidi Klum in patterned pantyhose

Update with Heidi Klum in patterned black pantyhose!


Anonymous said...

Right let's see.. Picture number 1 : not Heidi.. Some chick from the OnlyTease website which is kind of obvious, since it is watermarked rather visibly into the picture..

Picture 2, it *might* be Heidi at the end of the little runway looking at the other girl, giving critique or what not.. But not sure due to the rather low res

Pictures 3,4 and 5, no Heidi

Beautystar said...

Picture 1:

you are right. My fault.

Picture 3, 4, 5: it was a tv show, it may be her (the italian source which had these pics, told so)

thanks for your support!