Monday, August 31, 2009

Louise Porter - Great Sixties costume!

Louise Porter found fame on the ITV reality TV series Ladette to Lady, which aims to turn girls who are classed as Ladette's (foul mouthed, drink alot, smoke and are often very sexually active) into more upper class ladies.Louise starred in the second series of Ladette to lady which was shown on ITV in October 2006, but was kicked of due to her foul behaviour in the series. Once Louise left the series, she appeared in the Men's weekly Magazine Zoo in a series of raunchy poses and now works as a full time glamour model.

Here you can find some samples from a fantastic photoshoot of OnlyTease, where she wears a nice costume of Sixties' (like Austin Powers style). Enjoy!


Download Link:
Download Louise Porter - Samples from OnlyTease 01

File size: 27 mb


Anonymous said...

Louise Porter is a redneck fruit cake. Her personality promotes
arrogance but lacks down to earth
qualities. Australia has been studying this blonde bombshell since Season 2 of LTL. She is a glamor model because no decent employer wants her. She has no grey matter in her head.

Anonymous said...

what a pretentious prik when u have met her pass judgementt but only after u have met her personaly also ur on a porn site and ur insulting the glamour industry sort ur head out

Anonymous said...

and shes not american shes english dumb fuck