Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Poll: please vote!

During last months, I activated a new function, the possibility to vote the single post ("Hot", "Interesting", "Useless").

As I would like to understand better what our public / readers / downloaders want most, I opened a new poll (you can see it at the top - right of the blog).

The title is: "Why did you choose 'Useless' when voting the post?".

So, I ask you a little help by voting this poll, in order to give you better and better pictures and posts. The poll will last for one month.

Comments are welcome here below, just to discuss.

Thank you in advance!


PS offensive and spamming comments will be removed.

1 comment:

jim pinto said...

I have never voted "useless," but my guess would be that people who complain may only like stockings or pantyhose.

Great site, though. Keep it up. Love stockings and garters.