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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cara Zavaleta, Cassie Scerbo, Caterina Murino, Charlotte Casiraghi, Claire King, Claudia Gerini, Claudia Koll, Claudia Pandolfi, Cristina Quaranta

Cara Zavaleta

Cassie Scerbo

Caterina Murino

Charlotte Casiraghi

Claire King

Claudia Gerini

Claudia Koll

Claudia Pandolfi

Cristina Quaranta

1 comment:

Daedalus said...

Another GREAT collection of pantyhose celebs! I particularly enjoyed the Playboy Bunnies part of the post. I love how you can see they are wearing more than one pair of pantyhose. Even the bunny wearing stockings is wearing pantyhose underneath them! Keep up the great work Beautystar!