Friday, August 21, 2015

Lea Michele in pantyhose

(Next update: 25th, August)

68862187_lea_michele_058.jpg 68862188_lea_michele_059.jpg 68862189_lea_michele_060.jpg 68862191_lea_michele_061.jpg 68862193_lea_michele_062.jpg 68862487_lea_michele_063.jpg 68862216_lea_michele_064.jpg 68862223_lea_michele_065.jpg 68862227_lea_michele_066.jpg 68862229_lea_michele_067.jpg 68862230_lea_michele_068.jpg 68862233_lea_michele_069.jpg 68862235_lea_michele_070.jpg 68862238_lea_michele_071.jpg 68862239_lea_michele_072.jpg 68862240_lea_michele_073.jpg 68862241_lea_michele_074.jpg 68862243_lea_michele_075.jpg 68862245_lea_michele_076.jpg 68862250_lea_michele_077.jpg 68862253_lea_michele_078.jpg 68862254_lea_michele_079.jpg 68862257_lea_michele_080.jpg 68862259_lea_michele_081.jpg 68862263_lea_michele_082.jpg 68862268_lea_michele_083.jpg 68862272_lea_michele_084.jpg 68862273_lea_michele_085.jpg 68862275_lea_michele_086.jpg 68862276_lea_michele_087.jpg 68862279_lea_michele_088.jpg 68862281_lea_michele_089.jpg 68862283_lea_michele_090.jpg 68862284_lea_michele_091.jpg


s0ck5 said...

Is this the new routine days off and scheduled posts? I don't mind it. It just takes the mystery out of your posting!!

Beautystar said...

Hello! :-)

The answer is... I had 3 weeks of holidays and unfortunately I couldn't plan in advance 20 days of posts, so I had to schedule them in 2 days / week. By the end of this week I will catch up with the usual routine of daily posts ;-) I usually plan in advance all the week, scheduling the posts on mondays. And I usually go in alphabetical order, since I still have a big archive of old pictures to be posted...

Hope this clarifies your question.

Best regards!

Anonymous said...

i w wish lea michele would tie me up and make me smell her nude pantyhose feet and suck her toes then she wet a bar of safeguard soap and shoved it in my mouth and twisted it around for an hour then pushed the soap in with her toes. lea michele said im gonna suck on soap until this melts. lea wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head 10x then she made me smell her feet more and pulled her pantyhose over my head and tied her smelly foot part over my nose so i smelled her sweat while i ate soap then lea michele spanked me over her knee hard. then i got tied down to her bed.