Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Nancy Dell'Olio in pantyhose

79900285_nancy_dellolio_001.jpg 79900300_nancy_dellolio_002.jpg 79900303_nancy_dellolio_003.jpg 79900306_nancy_dellolio_004.jpg 79900308_nancy_dellolio_005.jpg 79900312_nancy_dellolio_006.jpg 79900315_nancy_dellolio_007.jpg 79900316_nancy_dellolio_008.jpg 79900318_nancy_dellolio_009.jpg 79900319_nancy_dellolio_010.jpg 79900320_nancy_dellolio_011.jpg 79900322_nancy_dellolio_012.jpg 79900323_nancy_dellolio_013.jpg 79900324_nancy_dellolio_014.jpg 79900325_nancy_dellolio_015.jpg 79900326_nancy_dellolio_016.jpg 79900329_nancy_dellolio_017.jpg 79900332_nancy_dellolio_018.jpg 79900333_nancy_dellolio_019.jpg 79900338_nancy_dellolio_020.jpg 79900340_nancy_dellolio_021.jpg 79900345_nancy_dellolio_022.jpg 79900346_nancy_dellolio_023.jpg 79900348_nancy_dellolio_024.jpg 79900351_nancy_dellolio_025.jpg 79900352_nancy_dellolio_026.jpg 79900353_nancy_dellolio_027.jpg 79900354_nancy_dellolio_028.jpg 79900355_nancy_dellolio_029.jpg 79900356_nancy_dellolio_030.jpg

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Anonymous said...

I found that Portugal is in fact the most racist place on earth; especially toward African blacks! It's as if they have never seen a black person before and the Portugee culture is not only backwards (as if you steped in a time machine and went to the year 1899) but the citizens where exceptionally ignorant. It was as if you were talking to a wall rather than a human being. The Portugee also seemed to be trapped in another dimension of space and time because they kept on talking and mumbling about the past rather than the present...it was pretty funny actually. I found this website that offers a Dr.'s opinion about the racism in Portugal and why the xenophobic culture is not just promoted within but exported as well to everywhere else they may be living. Strange since i've never heard of racism being described that way before?? Portugal seem to be experts in racism, especially in Canada and the U.S.