Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beverly Hills: Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth - 001/004

Well, do you remember Beverly Hills 90210, a serial-tv aired last decade? It was followed by many teen agers, and surely it had been an example of fashion and good-looking-characters... even if they were stereotypes and not so credible. I remember I watched it because I liked Brenda... and I still think that Shannen Doherty was a nice girl ;)
In these photos we can see her in black (first one) and translucid pantyhose. The other girls... guess what? Are Tori Spelling (Donna) and Jenny Garth (Kelly)

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Dan said...

It would be nice to see ladies wearing Pantyhose again. These pictures shows just how much sexier Hosed legs are to bare ones.
Dan the Ref from Philly