Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jennifer Lopez - 0015/032 - Pantyhose!

Second update of Jennifer Lopez!

Trivia! (from CelebrityWonder)

# Insists she is ready to cover up her beautiful body because she is bored with being viewed as a sex symbol. (November 21, 2006)
# Is sued by Los Angeles-area private aircraft company Avjet Corp. for allegedly failing to pay her bills. (October 7, 2006)
# Her secret to keep her stunning looks: 8 hours sleep a night, water, and a good cleanser.
# Allegedly quit the DALLAS movie because she hated the script and didn't want to work with John Travolta. (August 8, 2006)
# Was accused by ex-husband Ojani Noa of casting ''voodoo'' spells called Santeria on him and her other men in life. (July 10, 2006)
# Has sent her ex-fiance Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Garner a gift basket to celebrate the birth of their baby daughter. (December 10, 2005)

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