Monday, October 22, 2007

Morgan Fairchild - 001/011 - early Pantyhose Queen

Morgan Fairchild (born February 3, 1950) is an American actress.

She was cast as Jenna Wade in the television series Dallas in 1978, appearing in one episode (the role was later played by Priscilla Presley). In the late-1970s, she had a stint on Mork & Mindy and then shot to stardom as the resident vixen, Constance Weldon Carlyle, on the primetime soap opera Flamingo Road. In 1982, she played Jamie Douglas, a newscaster, in the sexy thriller The Seduction, where her riveting nude scene cemented her position as one of Hollywood's bad girls. Then she appeared in the series Falcon Crest

Fairchild garnered an Emmy Award nomination for her role in a Murphy Brown episode, and in the early- 1990s Roseanne producers capitalized on her name value and cast her in a small role as Sandra Bernhard's bisexual girlfriend. This proved that Fairchild is as adept at comedy as she is at drama.

In 1995, Fairchild returned to soaps as catty Sydney Chase on The City, for a year. She also made guest appearances on Friends (as Chandler Bing's mother) and was a recurring guest star on Cybill as Andrea, the rival of Cybill Shepherd's character. Through the years, she also maintained a career in independent films and theater productions.

In the fall of 2006, she was a charter cast member of the My Network TV series Fashion House, playing Sophia Blakely, a rival to Bo Derek's character, Maria Gianni. (from Wiki)

Well. She often was pantyhosed, and we love her for this!

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