Friday, October 02, 2009

Fran Drescher - Pantyhose from "The Nanny" tv-show

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Anonymous said...

Fran drescher looks hot in pantyhose. Since I was younger I always loved seeing her sexy legs in tan pantyhose. I also loved seeing her in black thing hi's. I remember a scene in the nanny she revealed her dress and it clearly showed her garter belts and thigh hi's and she had tall black boots on. Id love if she tied me up to the bed and took her boots off and layed her sweaty pantyhosed feet over my nose and made me smell her feet. Then she stood up and shoved her hosed toes in my mouth and I sucked her toe sweat through her pantyhose. Then she said your a real pervert and you need to be punished and she walked away for a minute and came back with a bucket with steaming hot water. Fran drescher said I need my mouth thoroughly washed out with soap so she grabs the bar and straddles me and holds my chin still and shoved the soap in my mouth. Fran started scrubbing the soap in my mouth and twisted the bar in and out for 1hr.