Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lady GaGa - pictures collection! Volume 03

Message from Guru Josh:

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Treacle said...

I love, love, love this lady's fashion sense. She rocks!

Anonymous said...

wtf it keeps saying the file is gone, so I can't get it, and number 2 is not downloading all the way plz fix it

Anonymous said...

wow even after bring up volume 3 is still saying no file found, and volume 2 is still not downloading right, who ever posts these just doesn't care about there fans, or people who give them the hits. so here it is again. PLZ move the zip files to another site and get Lady Gaga Volume 2 and 3 working right.

Beautystar said...

I promise I'll re-upload volume 2 and 3 in a single file and in another hosting place. Please be a little more patient! Thanks anyway for your report.


Anonymous said...

I sorry just been trying for a week now on both volume 2 and 3 and other zip to get most of them are not found, or they just stop downloading and even after contacting and getting a free premium for day to try to get them still kept failing.

Anonymous said...

We are sorry, the file was removed either by its owner
or due to the complaint received

might want to maybe fix it I hope?