Friday, June 11, 2010

[Zip] Celebrities in stockings - Collection #02 - 100 pics

Second release of Celebrities in Stockings.

Download Link:
Download Stockings Collection #02 - 100 pics
File size: 51,50 mb

Previous Volumes:
Pantyhose #01
Pantyhose #02
Stockings #01

Featured Celebrities:
Desiree Armeni, Louise Porter, Luisa Ranieri, Lujan Fernandez, Maddalena Corvaglia, Magdalena Sierka, Maggi Caruthers, Mandala Tayde, Mandy Bork, Mara Venier, Maria Bello, Maria De La Fuente, Maria Mazza, Marianna Stefani, Marina La Rosa, Marta Cecchetto, Martina Klein, Masha Semkina, Maya Anderson, Megan Ewing, Megan McKenzie, Micol Ronchi, Monica Columbeanu, Monica Guerritore, Monika Kramlik, Morena Corwin, Nacha Amal, Nadejda Savcova, Nadine Strittmatter, Nadine Velazquez, Nani Sanchez, Natalia Andrade, Natalie Denning, Natalie Sparks, Natasha Stefanenko, Nazarena Velez, Nena Ristic, Nidia Lopes, Nina Zilli, Noelle Roque, Olga Sidorova, Pamela Camassa, Patrizia Hnatek, Paula Prendes, Phoebe Cates, Sara Mariani.


Anonymous said...

this was the wrong link... this was a pantyhose file... not a stockings file

Anonymous said...

Yes, fix this please.

Beautystar said...

I'm sorry, I cannot understand the problem!

Which is the uncorrect link?

If I click to "Stockings 2", it correctly goes to a zip file containing celebrities stockings.


Thanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

The problem is (or was, perhaps it's been fixed) that it's the same file as the one that was "Pantyhose #02". I will attempt to DL it again, though.

Anonymous said...

Nope, still the wrong file.

Beautystar said...

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

On Sunday I'll fix - during week-ends I cannot access the site.

I'll let you know - sorry again :(


Anonymous said...

was this fixed, yet?

Beautystar said...

I tried to re-upload the file here:

Is this correct? Please let me know.


Anonymous said...

The new link works! Thanks bro!

Beautystar said...

Yeah! I'm happy to hear that!

Don't miss the third volume ;)

Ah! could you please check if it is ok? :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The third set is absolutely beautiful, thanks as always, my brother, for satisfying my stockings addiction!

Anonymous said...

The original link points to a Pantyhose file and the new link has been removed. Could you please reinstate - or fix the original link?

Guru Josh said...

Please Try this file:

I personally used it and it seems to work.