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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Jasmyn Banks, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Gomes, Joanna Halpin, Josephine Le Tutour, Josephine Skriver, Jourdan Dunn

During all August, the blog will be updated less frequently due to summer vacation.
Next update: 3rd September. :-)

Jasmyn Banks
89479205_jasmyn_banks_009.jpg 89479206_jasmyn_banks_010.jpg 89479207_jasmyn_banks_011.jpg

Jennifer Garner
89479208_jennifer_garner_039.jpg 89479209_jennifer_garner_040.jpg 89479210_jennifer_garner_041.jpg 89479211_jennifer_garner_042.jpg 89479212_jennifer_garner_043.jpg 89479213_jennifer_garner_044.jpg 89479214_jennifer_garner_045.jpg 89479215_jennifer_garner_046.jpg

Jessica Gomes
89479217_jessica_gomes_004.jpg 89479220_jessica_gomes_005.jpg 89479223_jessica_gomes_006.jpg 89479227_jessica_gomes_007.jpg

Joanna Halpin
89479233_joanna_halpin_001.jpg 89479236_joanna_halpin_002.jpg

Josephine Le Tutour

Josephine Skriver
89479244_josephine_skriver_007.jpg 89479251_josephine_skriver_008.jpg 89479254_josephine_skriver_009.jpg

Jourdan Dunn
89479264_jourdan_dunn_004.jpg 89479268_jourdan_dunn_005.jpg 89479273_jourdan_dunn_006.jpg 89479275_jourdan_dunn_007.jpg

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cali404 said...

Just wanted to let you know, that I like your blog very, very much. Keep on that wonderful work !