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Saturday, September 10, 2016

[Special] Rio 2016: Sexy Olimpics athletes in stockings and pantyhose

Rio 2016 Olympic Games ended last summer, and they featured a lot of beautiful athletes from all the world; unfortunately, sporty girls and women don't wear pantyhose or stockings so often. I tried to look for them and found only these pictures.
Please tell me if you have any other nice athlete that was in Rio 2016 with stockings and / or pantyhose!

Enjoy them anyways...

Alana Blanchard - U.S.A. - Surfing

Alexandra Aly Raisman - U.S.A. - Gymnastic
91238065_alexandra_aly_raisman_rio2016.jpg 91238068_alexandra_aly_raisman_rio2016.jpg 91238069_alexandra_aly_raisman_rio2016.jpg

Caroline Wozniacki - Denmark - Tennis
91238071_caroline_wozniacki_rio2016_00.jpg 91238073_caroline_wozniacki_rio2016_00.jpg 91238075_caroline_wozniacki_rio2016_00.jpg 91238077_caroline_wozniacki_rio2016_00.jpg 91238079_caroline_wozniacki_rio2016_00.jpg

Eugenie Bouchard - Canada - Tennis

Federica Pellegrini - Italy - Swimming

Lidia Valentin - Spain - Weightlift
91238086_lidia_valentin_rio2016_001.jpg 91238088_lidia_valentin_rio2016_002.jpg 91238090_lidia_valentin_rio2016_003.jpg 91238092_lidia_valentin_rio2016_004.jpg 91238094_lidia_valentin_rio2016_005.jpg 91238097_lidia_valentin_rio2016_006.jpg 91238099_lidia_valentin_rio2016_007.jpg 91238101_lidia_valentin_rio2016_008.jpg 91238104_lidia_valentin_rio2016_009.jpg

Rossella Fiamingo - Italy - Fencing
91238109_rossella_fiamingo_rio2016_001.jpg 91238111_rossella_fiamingo_rio2016_002.jpg

Sophie Horn - U.K. - Golf
91238113_sophie_horn_rio2016_001.jpg 91238115_sophie_horn_rio2016_002.jpg 91238117_sophie_horn_rio2016_003.jpg

Zsuzsanna Jakabos - Hungary - Swimming
91238124_zsuzsanna_jakabos_rio2016_001.jpg 91238127_zsuzsanna_jakabos_rio2016_002.jpg 91238129_zsuzsanna_jakabos_rio2016_003.jpg 91238130_zsuzsanna_jakabos_rio2016_004.jpg


Anonymous said...

Melanie Adams - Australia - Pole vault - is actually Amanda Bynes.

Beautystar said...

Hi Anonymous ;-)
Thanks for your correction, I removed the wrong picture. Sorry for mistake, I'm not a good physiognomist :)