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Friday, December 01, 2006

Japanese Idols mini-flood! - 30 pics

Here you are a mini-flood of famous Japanese Idols in stockings and / or pantyhose. As I said before, Japanese girls are - in my opinion - amongst the most beautiful girls in the world... adding a touch of feticism, that make us very happy!

So, I present you (corresponding name is in the filename, in any case):

Ayumi Kinoshita, Bunko Kanazawa, Chiharu Kawai, Chisato Yoshinaga, Chisato Amate, Chisato Morishita (you should already know her :P ), Eichi Mook, Hikaru Koto, Kirara Itou, Masa Sato, Minami Yoshikawa, Naoko Aizawa, Ourei Harada, Rika Ikeda, Rina Sawaguchi, Rina Tajima, Ryoko Yonekura, Sayuri Anzu, Sena Wakana, Tomomi Kudo and Yoko Kumada.

Good Vision!

(I would glad to know if there is any photo or model you particularly liked, or if you like these digressions abot the world of Japanese Idols :D )


Dave said...

I love Sayuri Anzu and the Ourei Harada. More of those would be great:)

Keep up the good work on this excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Chisato Morishita