Monday, August 27, 2007

Chloe Sevigny - 001/023 - Public appearences in pantyhose

Chloë Stevens Sevigny (born November 18, 1974) is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated American actress and model. Sevigny, who became well known for starring in a string of critically acclaimed, well received independent films in the 1990s, experienced her mainstream breakout role as Lana in Boys Don't Cry (1999), for which she received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. More recently, Sevigny has enjoyed success playing Nicki Grant, on the American television series Big Love, as a woman married to a polygamist. (from Wiki)

Beware! Some of these photos are in really high quality (from 1mb to 5mb) ;)

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Anonymous said...

Her performance of a BJ in "The Brown Bunny" is unbelievable...she really did give the BJ on camera!