Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Katie Lohmann - 001/011 - Great Bunny Girl outfit

Katie Lohmann (born 29 January 1980 in Scottsdale, Arizona) is a model, actress, and most notably a Playboy Playmate for the month of April 2001. Her first appearance in Playboy was in the Playmate 2000 search pictorial, published in the December 1999 issue. In November 2006, Lohmann was part of a trio of Playmates (along with Tina Marie Jordan and Karen McDougal) that appeared in the "Celebrity Playmate Gift Guide" pictorial of Splat magazine, a paintball enthusiasts magazine. (from Wiki)

The truth is, we prefer her in this bunny-girl outfit :P

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Anonymous said...

Wow she's HOT. That's one bunny I'd like to snuggle up to in bed