Friday, September 28, 2007

Jessica Alba - 064/092 - The DEFINITIVE photoshoot

This photoshoot of Jessica Alba is in my opinion the best one ever made in the world and in any time.

Maybe I'm a little exaggerate (just a little), but these photos teach what a girl must do to be enormously sexy: just be like Jessica Alba. Oh, yeah :D

Unfortunately these photos are in low/medium quality, and we all are struggling to obtain, in any way, the high quality version. I don't believe we'll obtain all of them, maybe just a few number will go to some magazines or covers... it's a pity and I'm too pessimistic :(

So... if you find them in high resolution, please, please, please, PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance! ;)


Photographer: Cliff Watts
Photos found thanks to Weiman of SuperiorPics Forum (here)


shayera said...

Holy hanna that girl has some nice stems indeed.. and Yes, please to find the whole set in much higher res :)

Anonymous said...

If I had the chance, I'd bend her over like a pretzel and do her over and over and over!