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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sienna Miller - 063/080 - P-a-n-t-y-h-o-s-e!

Two facts about sexy Sienna Miller (as they are reported in Wikipedia):

Style Icon

Since Miller's eruption into the public limelight, her adventurous style has earned her a position as a world-wide fashion icon. Held partially responsible for the resurgence of the "bohemian-chic" style, along with the "mod" fashion comeback, Miller's style is often compared to fellow British style icon Kate Moss.

Negative publicity

While on location in Pennsylvania, working The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Miller made derogatory comments about the city, referring to Pittsburgh as "Shitsburgh", in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine, on newsstands October 6, 2006. She later apologized, noting that her father grew up in Western Pennsylvania only 85 miles from the city.

The truth is... I don't know what to say :P

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