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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kate Winslet - 006/013 - Pantyhose

New update of Kate Winslet who, despite the fact that she isn't as thin as some supermodels, proves herself to look sexy in her way.


shayera said...

hmm.. I only see 006-013 :(

Also btw, your Ana Beatriz Barros post the other day.. That was numbers 037-042 :)

Beautystar said...

Hi Shayera,

as usual, your are really kind!

I corrected the titles, Kate had images up to 13 (not 16), and Ana Beatriz had wrong title :)


shayera said...

Hey you're the kind one providing all these nice pictures ;)

carny said...

i want the big version of "Kate Winslet 007" next time please:)