Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Top 25 - Most clicked photos

Just for your (and mine) curiosity, I wish to point out the most clicked photos since I've started this blog (one year ago!). So, let's start!

1) Paris Hilton - Well... maybe, this upskirt is quite fantastic, even if I don't like her so much; I must admit that this first place is a surprise :P

2) Abi Titmuss - Splendid upskirt in pantyhose while descening from a car: a classic!

3) Tatu - Was Yulia Volkova drunken? It doesn't matter, that shoot is incredibly sexy!

4) Abi Titmuss - Another photo of Abi, I have the suspect that she has much more fans than I expected :P

5) Nell McAndrew - This upskirt is history.

6) Girls Aloud - No surprise! :D

7) Tiffany Mulheron - Superb legs, thanks to the photographer's position :D

8) Paris Hilton - Second photo of Paris, surely in this cover she is more sexy and less bitch; it wasn't easy, I think.

9) Andrea Corr - Fantastic legs from one of the most beautiful women in the world!

10) Abi Titmuss - ooooh! Another Abi upskirt! Now I understand why she is so popular! :P

11) Cameron Diaz - One of my favourite photos I posted in this blog. Fantastic legs, fantastic shiny pantyhose, fantastic stylish image.

12) Paris Hilton - third Paris, like Abi... Who will have more nominations?

13) Rebecca Loos - Scandals in Britain paid off, and now she is famous... maybe, also thanks to photos like this... who knows?

14) Sophie Howard - One of the rare nude photos I choose to put here... she's too sexy to ignore her!

15) Girls Aloud - Second nomination! :D

16) Lindsay Lohan - At last, she had to appear here, and she did with her best photo (in my opinion)

17) Christina Aguilera - Only at 17th place... I expected a higher position for one of my favourite pantyhose queen :O

18) Cheryl Tweedy (Cole) - third nomination for a Girls Aloud :D

19) Christina Aguilera - Yes!

20) Kate Moss - One of the most pantyhosed top models ;)

21) Abi Titmuss - Aaaaabi! Still another one!

22) Keeley Hazell - The body ;)

23) Tara Palmer Tomkinson - She deserves it.

24) Rebecca Loos - She must have a solid fan base :)

25) Janice Dickinson - She's crazy. Just search for other photos of her, in my blog, and you'll understand why :)

Lets have some little counts (total hit counts for these 25 photos only):

1) Abi Titmuss - Hits: 12034
2) Paris Hilton - Hits: 10618
3) Girls Aloud - Hits: 8420
4) Christina Aguilera - Hits: 5377
5) Rebecca Loos - Hits: 5296
6) Tatu - Hits: 3144
7) Nell McAndrew - Hits: 3044
8) Tiffany Mulheron - Hits: 2962
9) Andrea Corr - Hits: 2880
10) Cameron Diaz - Hits: 2864
11) Sohpie Howard - Hits: 2758
12) Lindsay Lohan - Hits: 2736
13) Kate Moss - Hits: 2644
14) Keeley Hazell - Hits: 2584
15) Tara Palmer Tomkinson - Hits: 2524
16) Janice Dickinson - Hits: 2474

For a total of 72.359 hits. Thank you, my friends! ;)


shayera said...

Hey you're the one putting the pics there, we just gobble them up like fanbois :)

Beautystar said...

Ahahaha! ;)

Well, I wouldn't go on if all of you weren't here :D

Anonymous said...

As Shayera said,it should be us thanking massive thanks from me!

Anonymous said...

You've done a great job with this site. there's nothing sexier than an attractive female celebrity in pantyhose and the more of their pantyhose on display the better. Just a request though, I'm suprised you have no photos of super model Naomi Cambell in pantyhose, I thought there may have been a few around.

Beautystar said...

Thanks to you all, again ;)

About Naomi Campbell: yes, I have a few photos of her in pantyhose; I don't have so many of them (I just counted them: 12 so far).

I promise I'll post them next week ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

C'est plutôt les personnes photographiées qu'il faut remercier, ainsi que toi pour nous faire partager ces sujets!!!