Thursday, January 25, 2007

Aki Hoshino - 001/018 - Sexy Nylon stockings

Our tour of Japanese Idols continues with sexy Aki Hoshino: she has a peculiar face that may like or not, but she also has a body that is a real bomb (even if, we think, with a surgical aid). Well, this doesn't really matter, I really like her, so here you are a first part of a big lot with many photos of her. Wikipedia states that she is "one of eldest Japanese bikini idols in Japan". Eldest? Class 1977? You must know, Japanese Idols are really young girls, and as meteors, they cross celebrity-stardom in short periods of a few years, burning themselves and getting forgotten in a flash. So, it is a great achievement for Aki being still so famous nowadays. Thumbs up!

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Dave said...

Aki Hoshino is still very popular because she's one of a small but rising number of idols who've made the transition to Japanese TV. She's on T shows pretty regularly over here.