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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Victoria Adams - 002/012 - Ugly legs or not?

A recent survey stated that Victoria Adams (Beckham) figures in the top of the list of Worst Celebrity Legs (take a jump on the Sun site with this news). I absolutely disagree with this survey, although I shall admit that she isn't my favourite leg-celebrity. I'll let you judge by yourselves :)


Anonymous said...

Her ankles appear a bit chubby to me. Anyway, her legs are not among my favourites either.


Anonymous said...

Not my favorite, but by far not the worst in my opinion ... Some on that list are definitely worse.

Beautystar said...

Your are both right, in my humble opinion :D

I think that who answered to that survey, needs a pair of glasses :P

Then, Victoria still continues not to enthusiasm me, but... well, she deserves a little more consideration about her legs... altough they're a bit too skinny, anyway.

Perry de Havilland said...

Great legs actually, by far her best feature.