Monday, January 08, 2007

Problems with Imageshack

I can't connect to Imageshack... I don't know if it's a problem of my internet provider, or if it is a general failure of the site; in any case, I'll wait till tomorrow... if problems continue, I'll pass to another free image hoster, please have patience (then, I'll use this time to re-order my archives :P :P :P )

If you pass here by chance, could you tell me if you can see all the previous posted images? Just leave a comment here. I'll appreciate this feedback very much. Thank you in advance!



Anonymous said...

Sorry...I don't see any of the images. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Went back to Sept 06, still no images as of 13.36 08.01.07.

Great site. Hope you get the problems sorted soon.


Francesco said...

I can't see all the previous posted images

Anonymous said...

I can't see all the previous posted images.
I hope you'll fix the problem. GREAT SITE

Anonymous said...

Hi, I can't see the images either. I'm a big fan of your page and i hope you'll be able to sort things out soon. I'm probably speaking for all your fans out there when i say that we miss you and your nice work.



Beautystar said...

Hi, everybody!

Really thanks for your support and feedback, I really appreciated them :)

As imageshack still continues on having problems, I'll slowly switch to another similar service. Luckily, I have a track of all the previous posted images, so I should be able to use them again... :)

Beautystar said...

As you can see, I'm uploading all the previous images again. It will take a lot of time (I mean: weeks to have all the site running again), please be patient :)

Meanwhile, there will be new updates too, so I hope you continue on visiting this blog :)

Kind regards :)


Beautystar said...

Month of December entirely update!

See you tomorrow for new images and the month of November ;)

Anonymous said...

try hosting them on something like freewebs, not freewebs for the site layout, but just to host the images.
though i think they have a bandwidth limit per site