Friday, March 23, 2007

Bai Ling - 001/014 - Great Mini-Skirt

Bai Ling (Traditional Chinese: 白靈; Simplified Chinese: 白灵; pinyin: Bái Líng) (born October 10, 1970) is a Chinese American actress.
Her notable roles are Jing Huan in Hu guang, Shen Yuelin in Red Corner and Tuptim in Anna and the King. She has most recently appeared in the show Lost as part of Jack's flashbacks. And, moreover, she apperard in one Playboy Magazine's cover (2005) (source: Wikipedia)

What shall I say? I love asian girls. However, I wouldn't define Bai Ling as a beautiful girl. Besides this, the miniskirt that she is wearing is GREAT, as well as her legs. So, here is Bai in this blog :)

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She is cute.
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