Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Poll Pantyhose Queen of year 2006. The winner is...

... the winner is Rihanna!

Maybe the result is quite obvious, even if all the listed girls, in my opinion, may be addressed as "Pantyhose Queen". I must confess I expected more votes for Zooey Deschanel, who always wears pantyhose in public appearences; Christina Aguilera is in some way an underrated legs-queen, but she is really hot. But the biggest surprise is... Kate Moss, with really few votes! May the scandals and his dumb boyfriend have influenced this result? :D

Do you agree with these poll results? Well, let's discuss here ;)

2Lindsay Lohan4515%
3Jessica Alba3713%
4Zooey Deschanel3713%
5Christina Aguilera259%
7Beyoncé Knowles186%
8Uma Thurman155%
9Kate Moss72%


k.j. said...

i agree. rihanna deserved it.......she is hot ......her legs are hot especially with pantihose on with that sexy sheen.....mmmmm...want some of that

Dan from Philly said...

I'm surprised the the Sugarbabes did not get more votes together that's aloy of legs in hose..

Anonymous said...

Rhianna is a great choice. Although we would put her at around 2nd or 3rd place. 1st for us would easily go to Zooey DesChanel, who is ALWAYS seen in Pantyhose, where'as the others mentioned go from 99% to 20%. A very close 2nd for us, almost tied for 1st is Katy Perry.

Our top 5 right now would be:
1. Zooey DesChanel
2. Katy Perry
3. Rhianna
4. Lindsay Lohann
5. Paris Hilton (boy did she cross over!) / Mischa Barton / Beyonce.

Rhianna was easily more popular than Zooey this past year - as was jessica alba- she wears Pantyhose a lot but not anywhere near as much as Zooey or Katy or Lindsay
(Hence the popularity vote).

PHun poll though; we wish we voted on time. Looking forward to the next one. :)