Monday, March 05, 2007

Karen Mulder - 001/016 - Supermodel in stockings

Karen Mulder is a former Dutch supermodel. Before retiring in 2000, she modelled for Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Versace, Armani and appeared in Vogue, Sport Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria's Secret catalogue. After leaving modeling career, she tried acting and singing, but without much luck. She is also sadly known for her problems of depression: in 2001, she made a series of explosive claims while suffering from obvious stress. She alleged she and other girls were used as sex slaves by senior figures in the police and French government. On December 11, 2002, after suffering for years from chronic depression, Karen Mulder went into a coma after she overdosed on sleeping pills in an apparent attempt to take her own life. She had made no attempt to save herself and had seemed determined only to end a life haunted by mental breakdown, drug-taking, and alleged rape. She awoke from her coma the next day. Now she has a daughter. (Source: adaptation from Wikipedia)

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