Thursday, February 15, 2007

Alessandra Ambrosio - 008/018 - Supermodel and Superlegs

Brazilian Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio: some trivia about her! (from Wikipedia, english version). I love trivia...

She plays the Piano
Her passions include music, sunglasses, surfing, Barbie and Lua (the moon).
She has a tattoo on the left of her lower back.
Some of her family also follow into her footsteps.
She has pierced ears and navel.
Her favourite cuisines include Polish, Gaucha, Japanese, Thai
Her favourite TV shows are 24 and Os Normais
Her favourite books are The Da Vinci Code, The Lord of the Rings, The Time of the Witches, The Man from Avalon and Brida.
Her favorite music includes Rock, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, INXS, Electronic, Hip Hop, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Reggae.
Her favourite films are Stealing Beauty, Kama Sutra and Natural Born Killers.
As a child, she felt insecure about her appearance, particularly of her large, obvious ears. At age 11, she had her ears surgically pinned back.
On a 2005 Supermodel episode of The Tyra Banks Show, she admitted that she had plastic surgery on her ears, saying that they were too large. Because the surgery had been a bad experience for her, she said she is self-discouraged from having plastic surgery again.
At the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005, she wore bra and panties made entirely out of candy, along with a pair of V.S. angel wings.
Her favorite recreational activities include Surfing, roller skating, capoeira, sandboarding, and lounging on the beach listening to Brazilian music.
Her favorite place in the world still remains her tiny hometown, and having traveled the world has not yet convinced her otherwise.
She recently had a cameo in the new James Bond film Casino Royale as a super sexy tennis player who eyes Bond as he walks by her.

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Myles said...

the last two pictures are Izabel Goulart - I would recognise that butt anywhere