Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fashion Series n° 2 - Fashion in stockings

Second part of "Fashion Series"; as in this blog I like posting pictures of both pantyhose and stockings, Fashion Series will alternate these two topics. Now it's the turn of Stockings! And surely these beautiful models know to be sexy and good-looking.

Photos of today: Alena Seredova, Alexandra Kotting, Barbara Garcia, Erin Wasson, Fabiana Semprebom, Gretha Cavazzoni, Julia Stegner, Karen Elson, Ksenia Sobchak, Louise Pedersen.

Alena Seredova

Alexandra Kotting

Barbara Garcia

Erin Wasson

Fabiana Semprebom

Gretha Cavazzoni

Julia Stegner

Karen Elson

Ksenia Sobchak

Louise Pedersen


Anonymous said...

Reminds me on Cali404's Postings on some Celebrity Boards. He always posted Celebs in Stockings, thousands of them. Wonder what happened to him. Do you know? said...

where do you get this pictures from?

Beautystar said...

Here the answers :)

Unfortunatley I don't know who Cali404 is; I'm really sorry not to be useful :(

I'm lazy and usually don't track where I pick pictures, so all shame goes to me; but I'm quite sure that these fashion pictures are taken from and :)