Thursday, February 08, 2007

Catherine Bach - 001/020 - Hot pants and skinny pantyhose

And speaking about tv-series "The Dukes of Hazzard"... couldn't I remember old beaufitul Catherine Bach in the role of Miss Daisy Duke? (replaced by Jessica Simpson in the recent remake)

Well, I simply couldn't forget her, because she was tremendously sexy with her '70s hot pants and - in many photoshoots - transparent or skinny pantyhose (you can see them in many photos here, if you look carefully).


Anonymous said...

First of all it's odd that you are a girl and have a stocking blog, apparantly you love stockings much!
Your blog rules, and good point is that there is no porn stuff. But i wonder why there is no post including pics of Heather Graham, Madonna,....

Beautystar said...

Thanks for your comment :)

I must admit one thing, by the way: I'm not a girl! Maybe the nick I chose could be strange and misleading, but I'm a male :P

Speaking about missing celebrities... please just have patience, because more or later, I'll put everyone! :D



Dan From Philly said...

Catherine Bach has the most fantastic legs in Pantyhose out of any TV star ever

Anonymous said...

Daisy Duke had great pantyhose legs. If I was there at bar where she worked, I'd try and drug her and take those shorts off and have my way with her. Especially her pantyhose feet. I would tie them up and put those barmaid pantyhose feet in my mouth.