Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith has died

The news spread over Internet in a flash: Anna Nicole Smith has died at the age of 39.

Stripper, Playmate, icon of american white-trash, model for Guess, heroine of ambientalism. She was much things put together, but also was a victim - maybe - of the American Dream. Definitely, she was a victim of herself.
Nicole was found dead in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Florida. Gossip tells that a terrible cocktail of medicine, alcool and drugs killed her; all stuff she used to anesthetize grief for her son's loss.
Her life was an endless sequel of scandals, lawsuits, coup de thâtres. All her life was under the always omnipresent and insatiable eye of tv and tabloids; media that Anna could manage with great success. Her life, at last, seems to have been written by a Hollywood screenplayer: all it was excessive, from her curves to her passion for scandals.

She was born as Vicky Hogan, in an anonymous place of Texas, Mexia. Abandoned by her father, she was raised by her mother and an aunt. Since childhood, she would repeat she would become new Marilyn Monroe: like Norma Jean, she started as waitress, and in a fast food restaurant she met her first husmband (Billy Wayne Smith): she was 17. After one year, the divorce... and she returned to Houston. Daily she worked as waitress, and by night she started as stripper. It was Playboy cover of 1992 that projected her in the world of stardom. Then the meeting with the man of her life - not a love story, but a sad story of loneliness and ambition. She met Texan rich-man J. Howard Marshall, an 86 years old man who loved her at first sight; the marriage in a few months, and his death an year later. Then the lawsuit, the first of a long series... and the start of her decline and the approaching to bitter sunset.

She dreamt to be the new Marilyn, and she ended to share her destiny, victim of both her weakness and ambition. Rest in peace, Anna Nicole.

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Anonymous said...

I'm torn between feeling sad for Anna Nicole Smith and feeling angry at her.

Sad because she appeared to live a pretty troubled life (of her own doing) and angry because she left a little baby girl behind.

Can you believe the media frenzy over this already? Hours after her death there were reports of news agencies bidding for the rights to the last know film of her (being worked on by the paramedics).

She sure knew how to use her beauty and boobs to become famous. The Internet is loaded with pictures of Anna Nicole Smith nude. The website (NSFW) has several videos of her .. not really porn, but more glamour and soft-core. Seems like they may be doing some type of "video tribute" or something.

By the news coverage last night you'd have thought some head-of-state had died! Such is the world we live in today.